Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Andy DaltonSince 2001, the Digital Industry has taken me on a fascinating ride from appointment setter to Agency Director with many interesting & formative roles along the way.

The most successful Digital campaigns are almost always driven by an often-contrasting variety of skills and people.

It was belief that one-day inspired me to step out of the sales department, walk to the dark end of the office and peek over the shoulders of what will turn out to be some of the true pioneers of Digital Marketing in Australia.

I was hooked.

While it may seem that the rules of engagement for online are being re-written daily, I'm a Digital Strategist who firmly believes in leaving the buzz behind to first focus on the fundamentals.

I've had the pleasure of working with some of Australia's leading Digital Agencies, biggest brands and collaborated closely with industry giants such as Microsoft, Westnet and iiNet.

After developing and introducing a number of unique mobile marketing products to the Australian market in 2005, I established and built Digital Agency Human Traffic before exiting to ASX listed company Adslot (Webfirm) in 2008 and assumed the role there as Head of Digital and 2IC.

Today I'm the Digital Strategist and Director of boutique Agency Resolve Digital, and take great pleasure in working hands-on with dozens of passionate SME's and a handful of great National brands such as Thermomix and


"Andrew knows how to turn a business on....with the web. He is a creative thinker, passionate and very credible talking to marketing people about how they deal with the always changing web. He is a great advisor on how to build a Digital Marketing strategy for business - from ideas through to deployment of the creative and the tech. Easy going and good fun to work with too. Highly recommended." - Mark Badenach, Digital Marketing Platform - Sales, Microsoft, was with another company when working with Andrew at Vivid Group
"I regard Andrew as the ideal professional. He is an expert in his field of work, shows great passion and does it all with integrity. Always easy to talk to, Andrew will tell you the honest truth about what works and what doesn't. I can highly recommend Andrew." - Kevin Clark, was Andrew's client
"Having worked with Andrew on a number of client projects, I can confidently recommend him for not only his knowledge and experience in web design and business internet solutions, but also his dedication to keeping up with what is a rapidly changing digital environment. Put simply, he lives and breathes digital and social media and his passion for it is infectious." - Matt Rosich, General Manager, Digital Niche, was with another company when working with Andrew at Vivid Group
"Andrew is a true entrepreneur and a great strategist. He's a great negotiator and excellent communicator. My dealings with Andrew have always been a pleasure. He's easy to get along with and brings a world of ideas with him. He has vast amount of experience with web and is always keen to share that experience with others. Highly recommended. Regards Brian Gillett" - Brian Gillett, MD,, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Vivid Group
"Andrew has a great understanding of the ongoing transformation in Digital Marketing. He connects the requiremnent for websites to be useful to users with the needs of the Marketing department to have a platform for persuasive brand messaging. We need more people like Andrew who can advise senior marketers on their digital strategy before jumping straight into a technology solution. I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking to build out their next generation websites (intranets, extranets and internet)." - Andrew Young, Solution Sales Specialist, Microsoft, was with another company when working with Andrew at Vivid Group
"Andrew combines a technical understanding of online as well as a deep understanding of client needs. As a key leader in the Webfirm senior team, Andrew provided thought leadership across the business and beyond into client relationships, as well as managed the sales team to drive sales across two states. As a manager Andrew encouraged his staff to be performance driven and relationship focused, and provided mentorship when needed well beyond his own team." - McGee Noble, Senior Account Manager, Webfirm, worked indirectly for Andrew at Webfirm
"I had the privilege of working with Andrew whilst on the exec team at Webfirm. His work rate and passion for sales were unparalleled. I always found the time I spent with Andrew motivational and uplifting. Very few people are blessed with his rapport skills and his natural ability to execute sales plans and lead from the front, but always with his clients best interests first. Andrew was an amazing colleague and someone I still keep in contact with for professional advice." - Steve Jones, General Manager Sales, Ansearch Media, worked with Andrew at Webfirm
"I worked with Andy since he re-joined the Webfirm family. Andy is someone who applies himself in whatever he does, maintains attention to details and work hard to achieve the best for the company. Very knowledgeable and capable to share his knowledge. He is an asset to any employer." - Urvin Seeburuth, Project Manager, Webfirm, worked indirectly for Andrew at Webfirm
"Andy is by far one of the most inspirational, passionate and knowledgeable Managers I have had the pleasure of working with. I have not doubt that Andy will be an asset to any employer." - Natalie Hair, Product Manager & Project Director, Webfirm, reported to Andrew at Webfirm
"Andrew was in charge of Digital Strategy and National Sales for Webfirm. During this time I witnessed Andrew identify several short comings in both departments and restructured their processes / offerings to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness. Andrew fought to increase these factors whilst improving our produt's competitiveness in the market. As the Perth Site Marketing Operation Manager I was grateful to have Andy as my line manager fighting for improvement." - Scott Shorter, Site Marketing Operations Manager, Webfirm, reported to Andrew at Webfirm
"I respect and admire Andrew as a highly accomplished digital marketing professional with indepth expertise, who has run his own business as well as spearheaded the expansion of one of the most successful web firms in Australia. Beyond his obvious mastery of digital marketing, Andrew is also a caring person who did not hesitate to help and encourage this newbie when I was just starting out in business. I have had the privilege of working with him on several projects, and particularly love the clarity with which he communicates his often innovative strategies. I have no doubt he relishes doing the best for his clients, and certainly has the knowhow and resources to do it well. Great guy! :)" - Alexis Ee-Khem Aw, Copywriter & Marketing Communicator, Word Alchemist, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Webfirm
"Andy provided me with much appreciated support and advice during my time at Webfirm. He is a passionate leader, always on the lookout for new opportunities, and encourages his staff to innovate and think-outside-the-box." - Matt Austin, Technical Projects Manager, Webfirm, worked indirectly for Andrew at Webfirm
"An extremely knowledgeable and entrepreneurial bloke who is a pleasure to work for and alongside." - Adam Gray, Creative Director, Webfirm, worked directly with Andrew at Webfirm
"Andrew is a true professional who always has the client's needs top of mind. I've worked with him on joint projects, been involved in networking groups with him and have simply called on him for professional advice. He's innovative and a leader in his field." - Clayton Moulynox, Managing Director - WA, Evolve IT Australia Pty Ltd, was with another company when working with Andrew at Human Traffic
"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Andrew in multiple roles and each time I have found him to be an absolute professional. He is an extremely personable individual who's a pleasure to deal with. But the one thing that is stand out for me about Andrew is his selfless approach to business. He will always seek deep customer / business partner satisfaction over personal gain. Regards Brian Gillett CEO -" - Brian Gillett, was Andrew's client
"Great results, a fantastic service and a premium service; that's what you get when you work with Andrew. My company has worked with him on several projects, and each time I was very impressed with his work. If you need a great online strategy, ask for Andrew." - Kenneth Hart, was Andrew's client
"Andy is an excellent manager, he provided exceptional product training and understood the ups and downs of my role as he had worked his way into a Management position. I respected Andy and worked towards achieving the results he expected of me. It was a pleasure working for an enthusiastic manager who was passionate about the product and service we provided, strived to improve systems and achieved revenue targets. Andy thanks for all your training and support I wish you well in the future." - Christina Demitriou, Online Marketing Consultant, WA & QLD, Webfirm, reported to Andrew at Webfirm Business Solutions